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What if I told you everything you know about quitting porn is wrong?

Yes, everything.

See, there's one BIG problem with everything you know about quitting porn and it's the reason you haven't quit.

All the quit-porn advice you find on Google, YouTube, NoFap, and other courses and ebooks tell you the same things:

  • “Stop thinking about it”

  • “Don’t masturbate”

  • “Keep yourself busy”

  • “Delete your history”

  • “Have sex instead”

  • “Install site blockers”

  • “Become a better man”

  • “Focus on your religion”

  • “You need willpower”

  • “Quit cold-turkey”

See, this advice hopes you have the determination and willpower to "just don't watch it bro."

But whenever you see a hot photo, you feel powerless to the urge to watch porn.

"Willpower" does nothing.

And "just don't watch it bro" doesn't work when all you can think about is porn.

If any of the quit-porn advice you've found over the years worked, you'd be porn-free by now.

But you aren't.

Seriously. If it worked, you wouldn't be reading this.

You wouldn't be right here right now looking for the final solution to your problems.

To make matters worse, not only is everything you know about quitting porn wrong, but...

NoFap lied to you.

NoFap says it takes 90 days to rewire your brain.

And after your brain is rewired, you can quit porn.

NoFap says this happens on its own.

That you don't have to do anything other than "just don't watch it bro" and you'll be porn-free in no time.

"It takes 90 days to rewire your brain!"

But there's one big problem with this claim that NoFap and all the other quit-porn advice on the internet uses.

Because if it weren't a bunch of B.S., then after I had my 90-day streak in 2018 I shouldn't have relapsed and had the worst month of my life.

When My 90 Day Streak Failed Me.

In January of 2018, it was my New Year's Resolution to never watch porn again.

(As we reach the 2022 New Year soon, I imagine that's your New Year's Resolution, too.)

Month 1 I unfollowed e-thots, used site-blockers, and unadded chicks on Snapchat I used to "chat" with.

I kept myself real busy as I wrapped up my senior year of high school.

Took up extra responsibilities, auditioned for a lead role in a musical, and spent more time with friends.

(I call this the "band-aid of busyness" which 9/10 doesn't break your addiction... but what did I know? That's what NoFap told me to do.)

Month 2 was a repeat. Kept busy. Kept studying. Kept hanging out with friends.

But I was exhausted.

I was doing so much extra work just to keep my mind off of porn that it burnt me out.

I started to research other quit porn methods that weren't so taxing.

All I could find was "Just don't watch it bro, you gotta keep busy and do pushups bro."

But as time went on, I wanted to watch it more and more...

Month 3, the tension was building.

It didn't take much visual stimulus for me to want to go at it.

Which would've been a good thing, if I were rewiring my brain and not waiting for it to happen on its own.

So any time I saw something that would've been a trigger, I blocked, and buried the thought deep inside myself.

"No! I won't watch it! No!"

I made it to the end of the month, somehow still porn-free...

But I was miserable.

I wasn't any more confident than when I first started.

I didn't have more energy, I didn't feel sharper, and I still had a hard time focusing.

Even worse, I'd still sit and think about how much I wish I could watch porn, or see a naked woman, hell even look at a chick in a bikini.

"What's wrong with me? Why isn't this working?"

Soon, it all went downhill...

One night, I was tired, drained, and disappointed that my brain didn't feel like it had rewired.

I couldn't figure out why.

I made it to the 90-day mark. What was going on? Why did I still want to watch porn? When was it going to end?

I couldn't sleep. As it got later into the night, my thoughts kept slipping back to porn. I couldn't stop thinking about it.

"Just watch it, you went 90 days and nothing happened."

"You'll sleep better if you watch it."

"No one will know."

"It's been so long, who cares if you take a peak? You deserve this."

So I started scrolling Instagram looking for sexy photos as an out.

I figured if I found one "accidentally" and I didn't actually search for porn, it'd be no big deal.

Right... ?

(Pause. Does this sound familiar? You ever heard that voice before? I know you have. We'll talk more about it soon.)

Within a few minutes, I was on pornhub dot come.

I traded 90 days living porn-free for 20 minutes of pleasure.

After the deed was done and post-nut clarity hit, I was devastated.

I was crushed. And just like that, my addiction was back.

I didn't just relapse once.

I binged.

I watch it again, then again, and again, and again, and again . . .

April 2018 was the month of the never-ending relapse.

But then I learned the truth and I broke my porn addiction.

Get the Masterclass and break your addiction

The truth about NoFap & Rewiring Your Brain

Why was it that after a 90-day streak I spiraled right back into porn addiction?

Why didn't my brain return to "normal"?

Because I didn't do anything to quit porn.

All I did was stop watching it.

But I didn't quit.

All the damage porn had done to my brain was still there.

See, NoFap says it takes 90-days to rewire your brain.

But they don't teach you how to rewire your brain.

They just hope it happens on their own.

(Which as I learned the hard way, it doesn't.)

Quit-Porn Truth Number 1: If you want to quit porn, you have to do something about it

"Just don't watch it bro" isn't doing anything about your addiction.

All you're "doing" is ignoring the underlying reason why you're addicted to porn.

There are 2 reasons why you're addicted to porn:

Number 1: You have a psychological dependency on porn (this is why when you don't watch it, you get cravings and withdrawal)

Number 2: You use porn as an unhealthy emotional coping mechanism (you watch porn because you feel bad, and watching porn makes you feel worse)

If you want to quit porn, you have to do something about those reasons. You have to fight the addiction.

And to fight it you have to rewire your brain.

No, not like NoFap says.

But how I did it.

I went from depressed, defeated, and hopeless . . . to porn-free, confident, energetic, and living my best life ever.

I created a plan.

Whenever I had a craving, I knew what to do.

Whenever I had an urge, I knew what to do.

Whenever I faced a trigger, I knew what to do.

Even if I were in the middle of a relapse, I knew what to do.

Because I had a plan, there was nothing my porn addiction threw at me that I wasn't ready for.

I didn't "not watch it bro" -- I fought it.

And I won.

I ended my porn addiction because I had quit-porn strategies.

Quit-Porn Truth Number 2: If you want to quit porn, you need a plan of action

Remember, there are two reasons why you're addicted to porn.

And you're still addicted to it because of them.

That's why my quit-porn strategies were created with the psychological dependency and coping mechanics in mind.

Because if they weren't, they'd be just as useless as 99% of the other quit-porn advice from NoFap and the other gooroos.

Why does that matter?

Because if you want to quit, you need to treat it like an addiction. A real addiction. Not just a bad habit like NoFap treats it.

See. For all other addictions, people quit by breaking the psychological dependency they have on the substance and replacing the addiction with something else that acts as a healthy coping mechanism.

"Just don't watch it bro" and "Do pushups instead bro" don't address either of those things.

But my Quit Porn Strategies Masterclass does.

And that's why it works.

It's the only dual-threat course out there that teaches you how to break both sides of porn addiction.

You are two strategies away from total freedom from porn.

Strategy Number 1: Meta-Separation

That voice in your head. The one that makes you relapse.

If only you could make it shut up…

To make it STOP.

But… what if you could use it to HELP you quit porn?

What if you could reprogram it? Rewire it?

That, my friend, is what Meta-Separation allows you to do.

“Let’s watch porn” becomes “I don’t need porn.”

“I’ll only take a peak” becomes “I won’t waste my energy.”

“I deserve this, I’ve fought hard against addiction” becomes “Keep fighting, you’re almost free. Don’t give up.”

Once you’ve rewired your subconscious mind, you will experience no triggers, no urges, and no cravings.

Once you get that voice to shut up and fight with you instead of against you, you’ll finally be able to quit porn. For good.

Strategy Number 2: Systemic Stimuli Reduction

Hear me out, because this is going to sound crazy.

In fact, it will go against everything you know about quitting porn.

But remember what I said?

Everything you know about quitting is B.S. anyway.

Duh, otherwise you wouldn't be here.
Alright. You ready?

What if there was a way for you to quit porn, break your addiction, and never relapse again, but still watch porn?

There is.

Let me explain.

When you read that, "but still watch porn," part of you was excited.

Because deep down, there's a part of you that wants to keep watching porn.

You've lived with it for YEARS. Yes, you want to quit. You know you need to quit. But the idea of living without this thing you really enjoy is intimidating.

That's why Systemic Stimuli Reduction works so well.

But there was a second gut reaction you had when you read "but still watch porn."

It goes against everything you know about quitting.

It doesn't make any logical sense.
You know what else doesn't make any logical sense?

Trying to go without porn for as long as possible, then relapsing, and having no idea why.

Do you know what happens when you cut something out without warning when your brain is chemically addicted to it?

It freaks out.

Any chance it gets, that voice in the back of your head goes

I need it I need it I need it I need it I need it

So 3, 5, maybe even a few weeks pass, then BAM out of nowhere you relapse.

Because you can't cold-turkey something you've conditioned your brain to need to function normally over the years.

. . . but still watch porn . . .

In case you're still confused after go through the Quit Porn Strategies Masterclass, you won't want to watch porn.

In fact, you won't need to watch porn.

The chemical addiction in your brain will be broken.

You'll finally be free of the chains of porn addiction and living your best life

Without the pain of withdrawals, urges, or intense psychological cravings

Thanks to my revolutionary approach, Systemic Stimuli Reduction.

Both of my revolutionary strategies are inside of the Quit Porn Strategies Masterclass

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    • Every man has a “why” they watch porn. If you don’t know what it is, you’ll keep relapsing. The ebook (and workbook) breaks down the most common reasons why men watch porn and gives you a quick way to find your own why

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    • The Relapse Breakdown takes you from the moment you relapsed down to the underlying trigger that caused it. It guides you through the “deep-work” of figuring out exactly why you relapsed so you know what to do when it happens again

    • The Trigger Framework explains what you need to do when you experience a trigger. You have two options: Avoid or Attack. This framework lays out a specific game-plan; when you are being triggered, this video teaches you what to do so it doesn’t become a relapse

    • The Trigger Breakdown guides you through figuring out all your triggers (even the deep, secrets ones). Some triggers are visual, some are emotional. When you know what they are, you can avoid them. It’s always easier to avoid a trigger than it is to escape temptation

    • A 30 Day Schedule outlining each step you need to take each day of the month. It’s a quick point of reference that puts everything in the masterclass together so you know exactly what to do to quit.

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